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Ruth Kriz, MSN, APRN is a nurse practitioner who specialized in treating chronic UTI and interstitial cystitis patients . She has 35 years of experience within the interstitial cystitis community in research and treatment including a funded national study presented at an NIH technical conference. Previously Ruth taught nursing from LPN through Master’s level nurse practitioners and was a test writer for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner National Boards. She also worked on longitudinal studies with Johns Hopkins Research Center and in several hospitals in coronary care, ICU, and emergency medicine.

Her interest in biofilms, genetics, and mycotoxins developed through her discovery of an association between those factors and chronic UTIs and interstitial cystitis. She is currently mentoring a number of physicians and nurse practitioners in utilizing these tools to aid them in their treatment of patients with these chronic health conditions. Practitioners can contact her at ruthinfo@ruthkriz.com with further questions or schedule time to learn her approach and receive testing and treatment recommendations for their patients with these conditions by using this link: