Our approach

As an incoming patient expect Ruth to spend 90 minutes with you in a comprehensive assessment of your medical history to understand your current symptoms within the context of your individual makeup, environment, and life experiences.

Screening tests are ordered to check your body’s immune system strength and inflammatory response to infection. When infection is indicated, Ruth utilizes sensitive and accurate tests for positive identification of specific disease organisms. These include broth urine cultures, blood smears with special staining, blood cultures, and additional DNA testing by PCR and molecular diagnostics for confirmation.

Biofilms which encase and shield the causative organisms are addressed when they are apparent. This enhances treatment of the infection and can reduce total treatment time. In addition, nutritional status, immune function, allergies, adrenal and thyroid function, and gastrointestinal issues are evaluated as needed so that healing can be optimized.

Ruth will help you understand the significance of your test results and discuss the available treatment options for your unique needs. She uses a functional and holistic approach to healing. This includes pharmaceuticals, herbals, and nutritional supplements. Her collaboration with you focuses on treating infection to facilitate your body’s recovery and promoting an environment in which you can reclaim your health.