My Approach

It’s More Than Just Testing Urine

In the same way in which you can’t fix a leaky roof if you only plug 1 or 2 holes when there are 10, there is more to breaking the cycle of recurrent UTI’s and eliminating embedded infections, that have resulted in an IC diagnosis. Utilizing DNA urine testing is a good start since standard urine cultures can frequently miss significant infections. This is particularly true for those with infections harbored in biofilms and those driven into cell wall deficient forms. In addition, pathogens colonizing the vaginal tract and those in the semen of sexual partners can contribute to ongoing infections.

In order to determine the other contributing factors, a number of additional tests are needed. These include looking at vitamin D levels, reducing ammonia levels that damage the GAG layer of the bladder wall, testing for the genetic issues which make it difficult to break down biofilms, and screening for other factors which can contribute to bladder symptoms and compromised immune function such as mycotoxins and tick-borne infections.

Here are some YouTube links for interviews that address patient questions concerning my approach:

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