Medical Practice closing but Consulting Business starting for practitioners.

Although I will no longer be doing direct patient care, I can be contacted by practitioners who would like me to guide them through the process of reversing interstitial cystitis or stopping recurrent UTIs in their patients. They can schedule time with me by using this link: This is for practitioners only.

An hour is needed to review the following:

Identify what factors can result in a negative urine culture even when infection is present.

Be introduced to molecular testing and understand the pros and cons of PCR vs NGS technologies.

Explain the impact that a VDR mutation has upon the bladder’s ability to fight infection.

Review the role of CBS in the Methylation pathway and how it contributes to damage to the G-A-G layer and causes extra ammonia production, favoring the growth of certain pathogens.

Connect hypercoagulation genetics to the inability to efficiently break down biofilms.

List other factors which contribute to bladder wall damage and hinder an adequate immune response.

Differentiate how chronic UTI and interstitial cystitis patients are treated compared to those with an acute UTI.